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An Extremely Limited Invitation 
To Join Our Elite Producers Club Members And (NEW) Fast-Track Masterclass In Entrepreneurial Success

There Are 5 Characteristics I Am Looking For;
If You Do Not Meet Them All, DO NOT Join:

1. You must be intensely serious about growing your business and becoming a true CEO and not be satisfied becoming a slightly better “tech with helpers” or small business operator.
2. You MUST be approved by your Client Coach as someone who would be a right fit.
3. You must be beyond the “quick fix” mentality and be willing to invest time and energy into building what we call a “harvest to premium” business where you make money every year (harvest) while simultaneously building an asset that will sell someday for an above-average multiple (premium).
4. You must be willing to ACTIVELY participate in the quarterly meetings and group sessions. I do NOT want passive members.
5. You must be a positive person who gets things done. We all have crap heaped on our heads every day; if you’re going to use that as an excuse for your black mood and lack of ambition, this isn’t the right group for you. We only want to collaborate with people who are fun to work with and stimulating to the group.
If you meet the above criteria, then

What You Get If You Are Accepted As A Member:

Retention Of All Accelerators Member Benefits:

You will STILL retain all the done-for-you services and benefits of Accelerators, which include: 
  • A done-for-you website.
  • ​A done-for-you newsletter.
  • ​Two VIP tickets to Boot Camp (but sitting in the very front with your fellow Producers Club members).
  • ​The electronic Shock-And-Awe box.

Quarterly 2½-Day Meetings:

2021 IT Marketing Boot Camp | Marcus Lemonis
These meetings are extremely important to get you OUT of the day-to-day grind of working IN your business and get you working ON your business. Here’s what you get from every meeting:
  • A “mental enema” to get your head back in the game, refocused on working ON the business instead of IN the business. It’s easy to get off track…to get caught up in the urgent task of the moment and push back other critical work that will move you forward. It’s easy to procrastinate. To drift. These meetings help you hit the reset button and get refocused on what makes you money. 
  • Help to discover far more exciting and lucrative opportunities hidden away in your business that you are simply overlooking. A big part of the meetings is other members sharing BIG breakthroughs and “what’s working now.” This is information that is NEVER SHARED outside of Producers Club.
  • ​“First access” to NEW marketing strategies and campaigns. You will be on the cutting edge of what’s new, what’s working now, WAAAAY before it gets to any of the other members.  
  • The unique opportunity to meet and learn from true “celebrity” speakers and entrepreneurs. In past events we had the Sharks from Shark Tank…Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec. Bob Mackey, founder of Whole Foods. Steve Forbes. Military leaders like David Marquet and General Stanley McCrystal. The founder of Zica Coconut Water and Marquis Jets, Jesse Itzler. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s personal trainer, Tim Grover. The founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph. You get to not only learn from these amazing people but also meet them, get a picture, talk to them. It’s an amazing, inspiring experience.
  • ​A recharging of your batteries. This is not to be casually dismissed: you cannot get inspired results from uninspired people (meaning YOU). Business is damned difficult and will drain your batteries fast. You can definitely benefit from getting AWAY from it quarterly…to take a recess to reassess where you are and gain clarity.
You will also get unfettered access to me to pick my brain and ask me anything regarding the marketing, strategy and operations of your business. 

BRAND-NEW – An Entrepreneurial Masterclass Crash Course:

As soon as you enroll, we are going to work on the following areas of your business via a series of webinars and in-person events.

PROFITABILITY: Knowing if you’re profitable enough and where to specifically go to fix the business if you’re not is a mystery to most small business owners. 

That’s why we are going to have you work with my personal advisor, Greg Crabtree, author of the book Simple Numbers and financial advisor to over two dozen Producers Club members. We will GIVE you a chart of accounts so you know how to organize the money coming in and leaving your organization, which will REVEAL areas of low productivity, overspending and insufficient profit so you can fix it. We are also going to deliver a “Business Accounting And Finances 101” class to make sure you have financial literacy and a true understanding of money metrics.

EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PLANNING FOR SANE GROWTH: At the upcoming Producers Club meeting, we’re going to have Verne Harnish, founder of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO), now named simply Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), personally walk you through a process that high-performance, fast-growth companies use to create and execute on smart, achievable business goals and growth. Verne is the author of the book The Rockefeller Habits and has coached THOUSANDS of fast-growing companies on the science behind creating SIMPLE but effective business plans. Now you’ll get to learn from the master.

PRICING AND PACKAGING YOUR SERVICES: We are also going to work with you on ensuring you are packaging and pricing your managed services contracts appropriately. This is an area that is often GROSSLY off track for many MSPs and prevents them from scaling profitably and with sanity. 

LEGAL AND TAX ADVANTAGES: Other areas that are often neglected are your contracts and how you structure your business to maximize tax advantages. We’ll have you work with Tom Fafinski, Virtus Law, on how to ensure you have SOLID contracts in place with your clients, as well as the correct legal structure of your business entity for maximum tax savings. The latter is something the wealthy 1% know that small businesses don’t, which is one of the reasons the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. They know how to avoid paying maximum TAXES and keep more of their money earning interest and working for them.

BUILDING YOUR MONEY TEAM: As you become more entrepreneurial, you’ll quickly discover the best way to make money is to build a high-performance team of sales and marketing gunslingers that will be solely responsible for bringing in NEW clients and MORE revenue. No matter how great YOU are at selling and marketing, YOU are the bottleneck and YOU cannot do it all. That’s why you MUST learn how to attract and manage this part of your business. As a Producers Club member, you will gain access to templates and tools for recruiting, interviewing and managing this team. We’ll show you what to look for and what kind of performance to expect.

Direct Access To Me, Robin Robins, For 2 Private Consults A Year:

Robin Robins | Founder & CEO Technology Marketing Toolkit
Whether you need help with a marketing campaign or just a “head check” about a particular problem you are experiencing, I will give you two 30-minute private phone consultations to provide coaching and direction, as well as unfettered access to me during the Producers Club meetings.

INSTANT Access To Exclusive “Producers Club Only” Content On The Dashboard:

Immediately after you join, we will unlock ALL the campaigns, videos and content reserved exclusively for Producers Club members. You’ll get to go back and watch, “on-demand,” hundreds of sessions by me (Robin Robins) as well as all celebrity speakers, member presentations, guest speakers, etc. This is no small benefit – and you’ll be able to dive right in to find the right session for the challenge you’re facing now.

True Peer-Led Accountability Groups:

Unlike Accelerators Accountability Groups, this is a peer-to-peer group where each person is responsible for participating, reporting and making progress. IF YOU ARE STILL IN A PLACE WHERE YOU NEED SOMEONE TO MOTIVATE YOU, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU. 
For those with ambition, this will be a welcome change. You are no longer being “told” what to do. You are with a group of successful, like-minded entrepreneurs who share and collaborate. You even have the opportunity to lead a group of your own.

We also have multiple Accountability Groups for your team: a marketing managers’ group, sales group, operations, etc. We even have an Accountability Group for the wives of our members (maybe it’s more of a therapy group to deal with your dysfunction, but I digress…). This means you can get your entire organization participating in GROWTH and SUCCESS principles, learning from their peers and bringing that knowledge back to implement in your company.

Unique Celebrity Meet-And-Greet Opportunities

At every event we have special celebrity speakers, entrepreneurs and authors who share their business and money-making genius with you. You’re are also able to get a picture with them (for your own marketing!) and have the ability to meet them, up close and in person, ask them questions and hear their candid responses to how they achieve such amazing success.

High Caliber Experts And Speakers

In addition to Robin’s marketing genius, we bring in expert authors and speakers on business and life development; from time management, developing good habits, hiring and leading a team, being strategic about growth, maximizing profitability and more, these speakers will give you actionable, usable strategies to make you a better entrepreneur and motivate you to push through sticking points and plateaus. 

The Opportunity To Win A Car In My Annual 
“Better Your Best” Competition:

Every year, Producers Club members are invited to participate in our annual “Better Your Best” competition for the opportunity to become my “Spokesperson of the Year” and win an awesome brand-new car (you know that I don’t skimp on the prize… We gave away an Aston Martin!). 
While the car is a very nice “door prize,” the real opportunity comes when you are instantly elevated to celebrity status in the IT industry; used properly, that can gain you status in YOUR market, as well as prestige and bragging rights about truly outperforming your peers. Unlike MOST awards handed out for “participation,” this one is actually based on REAL RESULTS – you cannot pay to participate and you have to truly succeed to win.
PLUS, We Have Fun Too!
From bowling parties and golf outings to movie nights and our infamous annual Halloween costume party, this group also knows how to have a lot of fun while getting things done. The relationships you gain as part of the Producers Club and the togetherness created through our events are parts of the program we could never do without.

Okay, So What Does All Of This Cost?
Oscar Wilde once said, “A FOOL is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” So, let me start out by “warning” you that the tuition for this program is not cheap. I make no apologies for that because I stand 1,000% firm on the value we deliver.
The tuition is $1,697 per month – which is roughly $500 to $700 more per month than what you’re paying now. Maybe that shocks you and maybe it’s a relief that, of course, depends on your perspective (one man’s $10 is another man’s $10,000).

Frankly, if that’s “too much” of a “stretch” for you, this really isn’t the program for you. Stay in Accelerators and continue to work on the marketing until this is a no-brainer investment.

What To Do Now:
If you feel you are ready, CLICK HERE to apply. As soon as you do, you’ll be automatically enrolled.  

But let me be very clear on a few things:  
1. We are ONLY accepting 30 members. Once we hit that limit, we are shutting it down until spring of 2022. Sorry, no exceptions.

2. The fees WILL be higher next year; it’s our policy to raise them because costs go up every year for us. Please take this into consideration if you think you’ll “wait it out.” This is the LAST opportunity to get in at the 2021 membership rate.

3. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE YOU EVEN AFTER YOU ENROLL. Every enrollment will be reviewed and discussed with your Coach. If we feel you are not ready right now, your application will be denied at this time for Producers Club.

4. You must be generating at least $750,000 a year in revenue and growing, not declining or in financial trouble. Most members are $2 million in revenue and above, so you’ll be a fish out of water if you’re not close to the million dollar mark.
Are you ready to swim in the deep ocean with the big fish?

As Barbara Corcoran once said, “You’re either the shark or the bait.” Producers Club is for those who want to be MORE than a “small” business. Who want to achieve TRUE financial freedom. Who want to see how far they can go.

If you know there’s MORE to be had, join us in going to get it.

Fair Warning: Don’t Procrastinate. I’m serious about the 30 person limit. 

Want To Connect With Approximately 250 - 300 Of Our Top Members? 

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